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Tipz & Trickz 
for the Allergy Season!
By: Jesslyn, NP Manager - Springwoods

Spring has arrived and with it pollen. Pollen also comes with allergies, but don’t worry! We have some holistic solutions to help your pet feel comfortable and healthy through the allergy season. These tipz can also help year round if your pet deals with common allergies on a daily basis.

Working from the Inside Out:
  • Herbsmith Milk Thistle is a great supplement to give your pet when allergies are an issue. It detoxes the liver to keep it strong and working in tiptop shape. It is especially recommended for your pet after monthly heartworm and flea prevention.
  • It is imperative to have a strong immune system when dealing with allergies. Just like us, our pet’s gut is the foundation of their health. Natural Pawz has a variety of amazing probiotics supplements that will keep your fur babies gut happy and hearty!
  • Pets suffering from food allergies will have common systems such as itchy skin, yucky ears and a fowl odor. If your pet displays these types of symptoms a limited ingredient diet is the way to go! Natural Pawz carries food specifically made...
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