Tipz & Trickz for Entering Fall

Post by: The Natural Pawz Team As we enter Fall pet parents have the opportunity to make some changes in their furkid’s diet. In the summer months our Natural Pawz Nutritional Consultants normally suggest to feed your furbabies cooling proteins such as duck, rabbit or fish. Now that the cooler months are coming [...]

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An Ode to Natural Pawz in Honor of Its 13th Anniversary

Guest Post by: Rebekah Kibodeaux - Houstonia Magazine Online TO LIKEN A TRIP TO NATURAL PAWZ to one to Disney World is not an unfair comparison—and we’re not just talking from your furry friend’s perspective. Bright, crisp colors burst from the walls in the form of both ’80s-esque pet artwork and vibrant bags of natural pet food; the [...]

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Tipz & Trickz for Back to School!

Post by: Nadine Joli-Coeur Natural Pawz - OwnerGetting back into the school year routine can be tough for everyone. After months of summer break with the kids, your pets have become acclimated to having someone to play with them all day long. Now that school is around the corner, here are some items to [...]

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