////Beat the Heat and Protect Your Pets Outdoors

Beat the Heat and Protect Your Pets Outdoors

Summer… It’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors but be careful with overheating pets (and yourself). Here are some cool ideas and tips for enjoying July with your fur friends.

Spend time together at a local venue.
Bring your pet with you to a pet-friendly park or restaurant that has an outdoor patio. You would be DogPoolsurprised at how many local shops will also let you bring in your pet, if your pet is well-behaved. We love for pets to visit our Natural Pawz stores, where we’re sure to spoil your fur baby. Other venues include Barnaby’s Cafes in Houston, World of Beer at LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch in Katy, Texas and Zack’s Bistro in Austin’s Steiner Ranch Shopping Center.

If your pet isn’t used to going places, it may take several outings to develop their social skills. In a public setting, you want to limit any barking and jumping up on people. Good places to start are dog parks and many state parks that allow pets.

Make sure you have proper pet gear.
A must is a sturdy leash, a comfortable harness, a clean collar and a current pet tag. A bad fitting harness can rub under your pet’s chest to cause discomfort and skin irritation, not to mention the pet may be able to get out of the harness. For pets that like to pull, use a no-pull harness. We like the ones that tighten the shoulder blades together when the pet pulls. Try a Bun-Gee Pup-EE leash, which not only will stop the constant yanking on your shoulder when your dog pulls, but also dogs often pull less because of the resistance from the bungee.

Pet products that coolDexas Pet Hydration Bottle

  • Water bowls are key year-round. We prefer the collapsible waterbowls by Dexas that attach to a water bottle and the pour-able water bottle with the attached piece for water.
  • Stay hydrated by giving your pets more canned or re-hydrated foods like Grandma Lucy’s. This is an easy way to sneak more water into pets’ diets, especially helpful for cats who don’t typically like to drink water.
  • PAWks are another alternative to protect pets’ paws. So often, when pets walk on hot pavement in the Texas summers, their paw pads get burned. Use PAWks to stylishly protect their pads from the sizzling pavement.
  • For sun protection, you can use Callie’s Naturals Nose Balm with carrot oil as a natural SPF. It can CalliesNaturalsPawBalmalso be used on the pet’s coat and is an alternative to sun screen with chemicals. Callie’s Naturals Paw Balm can be applied to pets’ paw pads, if they’ve already been burned by the hot pavement on summer walks.   
  • Cooling mats: Give your pets a place to lay down and cool off with this mat that can be refrigerated for extra cooling.
  • Like humans, pets need protection from mosquitos and the Zika virus as well as from fleas and ticks. Natural Pawz now carries a natural flea/tick/mosquito solution that has been used in France for years, called ALZOO. It’s a great natural alternative to FRONTLINE. collage_pet_products_0315

Some other things to consider are:

  • Always have water for your pet to keep hydrated.
  • Consider walking your pet in the morning before the sidewalk has been heated by the sun. While the weather may still be warm, the pavement often has had time to cool overnight.
  • Summer fun with your pets isn’t limited to the outdoors. Try out a new toy inside during the hotter parts of the day.

Life is short. Enjoy spending time with your pet. We would love for you to share your favorite pet hangout and activities by posting your photos to www.Facebook.com/NaturalPawz. We will be posting pet-friendly locations to our blog as well so check it out for more ideas. 


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