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New Pet Tipz and Trickz

Written by: Ashley (Natural Pawz - Sugar Land Manager) It’s that time of year when many people are bringing home new pets!  Whether they received a new puppy or kitten for Christmas or a rescue from the local shelter, it’s important that your new addition has everything they need for a happy and [...]

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Hydration is Key for our Texas Summers

Texas summers are hot.  There’s no doubt about that but are you sure your pet is getting enough water to keep them well hydrated? Here are some Tips and Tricks to getting more water into their daily routines…. -Try adding canned or dehydrated food to their dry food.  It is easy to pop open [...]

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June is Adopt-a-Cat Month

Cat Nutrition June is Adopt a Cat month.  Harold ,my adopted cat is a big part of our family.  Harold the chief tester of all cat products carried at Natural Pawz, if Harold won’t use it, eat it or play with it, we don’t carry the products. My goal is simple, products must be [...]

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Do Your Pets Have Allergies?

  In Houston, we’re no strangers to allergies. It seems that we suffer more than our friends and families who live elsewhere. In the spring, not only are our pets closer to the ground where the nasty pollen is, but their fur coats and pads on their feet are like magnets that attract these [...]

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The Great Outdoors

    March typically means springtime in Texas.  It’s my favorite time of year – the temperature ranges from the 60’s-70’s, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping and squirrels seem to be everywhere. This year, I plan to make the most of spring. After all, before I know it, it will be in the [...]

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February is Pet Dental Month

    Is this just a way for vets to convince pet parents to have their pet’s teeth cleaned or is there another reason? Many pets will show signs of gum disease before they hit the age of 5. Pet’s often will hide the fact that they have pain in their mouth so it [...]

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Thank You!

We couldn’t do it without you.  We never really thought about whether or not we wanted to own a retail business. Our background was far from that.  My husband and I worked in the high tech corporate world. When we first opened Natural Pawz in The Woodlands, Texas I would never have imagined that [...]

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Nutrition, Socialization & More for Cats

For cat month, we'll explore everything from necessary nutrition for cats at various life stages to socialization and engaging their natural tendencies to help them feel their best.Why are carbs and dry food bad for cats?Cats are considered obligate carnivores (meat eaters), where dogs need meat, fruits and veggies (opportunistic carnivores). Cats have adapted to [...]

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Many of us pay more attention these days to what we’re putting into our bodies, and so naturally we are more aware of what our dogs and cats eat. Pet sensitivities are on the rise, yet many pet owners may be unaware of what is specifically impacting their four-legged family members. With a host of [...]

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