Tipz & Trickz  for Keeping Your Pet Active!


Written by: Terry
(Natural Pawz – Cedar Park Manager)

Daily activity and interaction with our pets is crucial to them living a long and happy life. With
everyone still in the early days of their New Year’s resolution, our furry companions can help
keep us active and on the right track. Spending at least 30 minutes a day with them will help
deter things like obesity, joint aches, memory loss and destructive behaviors brought on by
boredom. In fact over 45% of all dogs and cats brought into shelters and rescues are usually
linked to bad behaviors, that could have been avoided with some simple interaction and fun.
Below I’ve listed several products for cats and dogs to help jump start getting everyone active!

A harness and leashes are not always an obvious choice for getting kitty moving. Leash and
harness training can be a little tricky, however it gives cats a safe way to get outside and
explore.  Allowing kitty to explore safely with you by their side fosters confidence and try using
a treat like Orijen Tundra or Sassy Cat to keep them moving! Single ingredient freeze-dried
that rehydrates while they chew will keep kitty’s interest too.  Another great product to
consider is a Petlinks laser pointer, this will drive cats bonkers for hours and the madness of
never catching that evil red light will keep cats up and active!
I’ve also tried Wands and tackle bags and have come to found by Natural Pawz customers
that these are true favorites of any cat parent. Cats that need to bat and swipe at things will
put these products to good use because tackle bags reignite the play styles from kitten hood
and of course CatNip lets kitty put in some work too, a little of this natural herb will send some
into a tailspin (literally).

Austin is surrounded by hiking and walking trails galore. A good addition to anyone’s outing is
a Halt brand leash or harness. The leash can stand up to even the most excitable hiker and
puller, the versatility allows for the owners to be truly hands free while giving pup a greater
range of motion. Halt harnesses are a dream to put on and the soft material wards off chafing,
making it an ideal harness for long hikes or camping trips, you can also include a Tucker’s
Carnibar for a quick power up for your pup!  Starmark has always been a favorite of mine to
use for brain games and outdoor fun!  Their Easy Glide Durafoam Disc sails far, holds up to
rough play, and will keep your canine buddy running for hours.  When my group is stuck
indoors, I pair the Treat Dispensing Chewball with Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers of the new
Lancaster Jackalope Meatballs to allow them some indoor exercise. Of course you can’t go
wrong with a good old game of fetch. Go Dog Go Fetch comes in handy when your arms
gives out after the umpteenth throw, plus the tough core balls can withstand the toughest

Healthy pets live longer and at Natural Pawz we equip all pet parents with knowledge and
product that help all pets stay in tip-top shape!  Stop by your local Natural Pawz and get your
pet’s free nutritional consultation today!

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