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Hurricane Preparedness for Dogs and Cats

Houstonians know the drill. This time of year means lots of heat and preparing for hurricane season… just in case. While you likely have purchased extra batteries, food and water bottles, are your pets prepared for hurricane season? Our August newsletter will have several tips but here are a few more.

Safety: Be sure your dog and cat have updated ID tags. If the tag is worn or the phone number or address has changed, having a new ID tag is a really Hurricane Month 2good idea and is very little cost. (Microchipping is also highly encouraged).

A pet first aid kit is always good to have, but will be great in case there is an emergency.  Microcyn spray helps heal wounds and Comfort Aches is like herbal doggie aspirin for boo-boos and owies. (Yes, we know a few people who even use Microcyn on people.)

Shelter-in-place: If you don’t leave town, but you end up with no power, a Cool Pad would be good to help your pet deal with the lack of A/C. And don’t forget pee pads. If there is flooding, it might be hard to take pets outside for potty time.  Pee pads will help save your towels and floors.

Find pet products like these at Natural Pawz. With 16 locations throughout Houston, there’s a store near you.

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