Hydration is Key for our Texas Summers

Texas summers are hot.  There’s no doubt about that but are you sure your pet is getting enough water to keep them well hydrated?

Here are some Tips and Tricks to getting more water into their daily routines….

-Try adding canned or dehydrated food to their dry food.  It is easy to pop open a can and stir some into their dry food.  You can even add a little water.   Dehydrated food is just as easy.  Stir in some dehydrated food with their dry kibble and add water.  Both of these ideas will also provide a tasty treat to their normal kibble.  Just keep in mind that you are replacing some of the dry food with some of the canned or dehydrated food.  Watch the servings size.

-Have multiple water bowls throughout the house and yard.   Some pets prefer to drink out of ceramic or steel bowls.  Keep this in mind if your pet isn’t drinking from a particular bowl. If a ceramic bowl gets a small crack it can be a source of bacteria, this is why we prefer Stainless steel bowls.

-Invest in a water fountain.  These typically hold more water and some cats and dogs love to drink straight from the stream of water.  Lack of water can cause health issues, such as kidney stones or limits the pets immune system to flush out any toxins.  Daily humans and pets can be exposed to toxins such as cleaners, fertilizers or their diet.

-Add ice cubes.  Many dogs have fun bobbing for ice cubes.  If you have an ice cube tray, have some fun and you can create superfood ice cubes with goat’s milk or organic pumpkin that are awesome for your pet.

-Don’t forget when you go out for walks or car rides to bring water.  Many portable water bowls will attach to a leash and are easy to carry.

Natural Pawz is invested in offering solutions and variety to our pet owners.  

Stop by and take a peek at our Hydration Specials on canned food for cats and dogs by Fromm, Zignature, Nulo, Merrick, Tiki Cat, Fussie Cat and Wellmade Dehydrated by Cloudstar.  We also have Raw options from Primal, Nature’s Variety and Stella and Chewy’s.

We also offer a variety of bowls and fountains.  

See you soon!  Happy Summer!

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