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Written by: Ashley
(Natural Pawz – Sugar Land Manager)

It’s that time of year when many people are bringing home new pets!  Whether they received a new puppy or kitten for Christmas or a rescue from the local shelter, it’s important that your new addition has everything they need for a happy and healthy transition into their new home.

For puppies and kittens, it’s crucial to start them off on a good quality puppy or kitten specific food that provides them with all the necessary nutrients for proper growth and development. You should look for a food free of any by-products, fillers, artificial colors, or additives, as well as avoiding corn, wheat, and soy. Natural Pawz offers several healthy puppy or kitten specific diets in addition to many foods suitable for all life stages.

Just as with new puppies and kittens, it’s a good idea to get your new rescue pet on a healthy diet. Many shelter animals most likely, have not been consistently getting the best quality food and can benefit from switching to more natural food options. This can help clear up many issues a lot of rescue pets may have such as poor skin and coat or digestive issues. There are several products that can be incorporated into your new pet’s diet to help resolve these problems. For a healthy skin and coat, Herbsmith Glimmer for dogs or Alaska Naturals Salmon Oil work great. To alleviate any digestive upset try adding some canned pumpkin, and Herbsmith Microflora Plus or any one of our other probiotic options.

Along with establishing a healthy diet it is just as important to address behavior issues. Bringing any new pet into the home can be stressful for not only your new pet, but for any existing animals as well. If not addressed properly this can lead to fearfulness, aggressiveness, excessive barking or meowing, urine marking, or destructiveness like chewing or scratching your furniture or other belongings. There are several solutions to put your pets at ease. Comfort Zone plug in diffusers release a calming pheromone and is available for both cats and dogs. This can be used in addition to a variety of natural calming treats. Natural Pawz even carries a selection of aromatherapy soft plush toys that release calming lavender with every squeak.

You’ll also want to keep them from getting bored or relieve teething pains. Natural chews such as bully sticks, beef ears, or elk antlers make great options that are also good alternatives to dangerous rawhide chews, which should be avoided. Another solution for chewing and teething are chew toys and stuffable toys such as Kongs or West Paw toys that can be filled with various tasty treats like canned pumpkin or The Honest Kitchen dehydrated foods and then frozen. Freezing will make it last longer and the coldness will be soothing on teeth and gums of teething puppies. Bored cats or kittens should have cardboard scratchers or posts along with interactive toys. Toys with several different materials, textures, and sounds are great for brain development and stimulation in young puppies and kittens.

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