Paws Houston

Paws Houston

Paws Houston is a wonderful organization, dedicated to giving ill patients their pets- right in their hospital beds! Paws Houston is funded 100% by donations. You can help this worthy cause by donating here. Please read the following letter on behalf of Paws Houston.

People who are ill and need their beloved pets the most shouldn’t be kept from them. Help us reach our funding goal of $25,000 to support the PAWS Houston Hospital Personal Pet Visitation Program and Patient In-Home Client Care.

When life gets tough, we immediately turn to the ones we love for comfort – including, for many, our furry 4-legged companion pet and family member. But what if at that moment, your pet is separated from you? It’s too much to bear, yet this is often the reality for chronically and terminally ill hospital patients when their closest companion is a loyal dog or loving cat. A visit from their beloved pet reminds them of why they continue to fight their illness, no matter how hard the treatments may get. When patients can be visited by their beloved companion pet, the visit can really help the recovery process.

Please donate now to reunite these owners with their beloved pets and give the priceless gift of comfort and healing. It takes financial resources to make this work possible, so today we are launching a campaign to raise $25,000 to meet the immediate needs of the Houston area. It’s absolutely critical that we have your support today. Hospitals don’t fund our pet visits, nor is there any single wealthy individual, foundation, or corporation bankrolling of PAWS Houston. We truly depend on you to fund our work. Without you – the neediest among us will remain separated from their loved ones when they are needed the most.

Your help makes a real difference. Dr. Eduardo Bruera, the head of the Palliative Care Unit at MD Anderson Cancer Center, described the success of the program, saying: “PAWS Houston has allowed a large number of patients access to loved members of their “family” that they would otherwise not be able to see before they die or are too ill to recognize. The visit by the pets frequently results in immediate and long lasting relief in pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia in our patients.” In the most trying of times, when hope wanes, the impact of a beloved pet’s presence is indescribable. Your generosity can relieve suffering and help us continue the mission of PAWS Houston.

Thanks for everything – we can’t do this without you.

Donna Dishman, Executive Director

PAWS Houston

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