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Quick Tips to Celebrate Halloween with Your Pets

Everyone loves a costume party. Having a pet costume party will allow your four legged guests to mingle, enjoy tasty Halloween Pumpkin & Caramel Apple Treattreats (like the ones shown) have a howling good time.

When planning your party, keep the pets in mind.

  • Have the party where pets can run and play.
    • A backyard, a dog park, a local park or maybe a local pet store like a Natural Pawz location
    • If you are inviting kids, make sure it is a kid-friendly location. Dog parks are not a place for small children as some dogs may not be kid-friendly.
  • Allow one to two hours for your party. Animals get tired easily.
  • Keep the number of pets to a manageable size for the location (5-10).
  • Have a few fun games that multiple pets can do at the same time.
  • Have prizes for a costume contest.More Halloween Pet Toys

Sending Invitations
Create invitations addressed to the pets and let them know if it is kid-friendly. Make sure to tell guests that pets and people should be dressed in costume. Even so, it’s better to tell your guests that costumes are expected. Be sure to mention if there will be prizes for the best costumes — that will encourage partygoers to be creative.

Invitations for your pet costume party should contain all of the essential party details: date, time, location and how to RSVP.Halloween Pet Toys

For Halloween-themed parties, decorations should be scary, ghostly and gross. Anything spidery is a nice touch. Make sure the decorations are out of the reach of pets or are pet-friendly. (Streamers or plastic pumpkins can be choking hazards). You may want to use Halloween-themed toys as decorations, which you can later give away as prizes.

Your local pet store will carry a variety of snacks and treats to serve at your party. Look for Halloween-themed treats, biscuits or pumpkin treats. See if your pet store has Halloween-themed cellophane bags. Grab some catnip for the kitties.

For your human guests, Halloween sugar cookies and lemonade make a great combination. Steer away from chocolate since it’s harmful to dogs.

Toys and Playthings
All pets love chewing toys, chasing balls and catching Frisbees. Get a variety of toys for your 4-legged guests to play with. Get toys and Frisbees that are black or orange. If you have a small kiddie pool, fill it up with water and use tennis balls to have a pet-friendly bob for apples (well, tennis balls) game. Your guests will love it! Give prizes for winners of games and for costume contests. Make sure to take lots photos of your guests. If you have a Facebook page, post them! People love to share pictures of their pets in costume.

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