///Joint / Arthritis in your dog or cat

Joint / Arthritis in your dog or cat


 It does not just affect people, our pets suffer from joint pain and inflammation.  


Arthritis is caused by joint inflammations which leads to pain and stiffness.  Pets have high pain thresholds so you may not even notice.

Ways to help joint pain/inflammation

Exercise – Keeps joints flexible.  Be careful of too much high impact exercise (on concrete) as it may have the opposite affect, making joints more sore.

Weight – We all know that being overweight causes more stress on joints. Many commercial pet foods are full of fillers and dogs/cats become obese.  Most 

Supplements – Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM and Sea Cucumber.  These help build up cartilage and reduce inflammation, making joints more flexible. Salmon Oil is also linked to healthy heart, shiny skin, increased immune system and healthy joints. 

Acupuncture – Often this can help alleviate symptoms and discomfort. Acupuncture can help treat ailments ranging from hip dysplasia and chronic joint disease, as well as other illnesses.

Surgery – Sometimes, you may need to explore surgery.  

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