Tipz & Trickz for Back to School!

Post by: Nadine Joli-Coeur Natural Pawz – Owner

Getting back into the school year routine can be tough for everyone. After months of summer break with the kids, your pets have become acclimated to having someone to play with them all day long. Now that school is around the corner, here are some items to keep your pets busy during the day while the kids are away!

Interactive Toys

As kids go back to school it is a great time to do an educational refresher for your dog. Many of us don’t realize it, but pets need stimulation to keep their minds active. If your pet likes to run around the yard that is great exercise, but it doesn’t stimulate the brain. Two of the best ways to stimulate brain activity are tricks and training or using interactive puzzles or toys. Not only do they love it, it often can help curb unwanted destructive behavior that can be caused because of boredom or anxiety. How do interactive toys and puzzles work? If your dog is food motivated, many of the toys are designed for you to insert treats. Another fun thing to do is to just add some peanut butter, which often takes them a little longer to devour. Don’t forget about your cat! They would be hunters in the wild so they also crave toys that make them hunt (treat ball, interactive toy).

Slow Feeders

Do you need a slow feeder? If you have a pet that devours their food in a blink of an eye, you should consider using a slow feeder. Here are four key reasons for using a slow feeder – 1) we tend to overfeed pets that eat ravenously because we think they are hungry 2) They enjoy it more, instead of a few seconds, now it can take them up to 10 minutes 3) it gives them a challenge which is similar to interactive toys and 4) some breeds are susceptible to bloat and can benefit the most from slowing down their food intake.

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