Tipz & Trickz for Cool Catz!

Guest post by: Rebecca Welters
(Pawsome Kitty – Blogger)

How to Keep Your Cats Cool During the Hot Days?

Can’t wait for the summer season? When summer season is nearing, many of us are already excited to strip down to our bikinis and let out our beach bodies! Sun cream, check, new sunglasses, check, sun hat, check, and not forgetting swimwear, check!

However, it is different when it comes to our cats. They have to wear their fur all year round, and it might be a good idea to do them a favor and find ways to keep them cool during the hot summer days.

So, the question now is, how you are going to make it possible? Here are some of the best tips and tricks for you!

Have Water Resources Available

Just like us, cats will start to look for water around the house. Make sure that you have different water resources available for them. You can have a water fountain or don’t forget to pour water on their bowls every now and then. You can place multiple bowls of water around the garden or house to make sure that it is within the reach of your cats.

Change their Diet

According to sources, early cats keep themselves hydrated through the food they eat. It is ideal to change the diet of your cats and consider serving wet canned foods or rehydrated freeze-dried. Wet foods are rich in protein and have an extra moisture content that can keep your cats hydrated. This is very important to let them stay healthy and also avoid the risk of digestive problems.

Improve Air Flow Inside the House

Opening the windows to let the breeze in can help to improve airflow inside the house. You can have small box fan near an open window to circulate the air. If it is too hot outside, then you can opt to let down your curtains and have shades for your cats. Make sure to have shady spots around the house or garden for your cats. Don’t be surprised if you see them lying on the tiles of the bathroom or kitchen floor.

Brush Your Cat Often

A well-groomed coat can help and keep your cat cool. If they have long fur, clipping it can greatly help them. You can brush your cat often to remove the tangles. It is advisable to do this routine early in the morning before they become cranky because of the heat.

Overall, keeping them cool is easy, but they need your support to make through this hot season! Always check on your cats and be warned of possible symptoms of hydration and heat stroke. Now go out there and enjoy the sun with your fur baby!


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