Tipz & Trickz for Entering Fall

Post by: The Natural Pawz Team

As we enter Fall pet parents have the opportunity to make some changes in their furkid’s diet. In the summer months our Natural Pawz Nutritional Consultants normally suggest to feed your furbabies cooling proteins such as duck, rabbit or fish. Now that the cooler months are coming in it’s a great time to try out some warmer proteins!

It is important to rotate the flavor, or protein choice, of your pet’s food according to the seasons and weather. With the cooler weather, try warming proteins like chicken, turkey, or pheasant. We offer a variety of kibble, wet, dehydrated, freeze-dried, as well as raw diets that contain these protein choices. Fromm Four-Star Grain-Free Game Bird recipe is a favorite for both cats and dogs.

Looking for a warming treat? Natural Pawz has got you covered! Try Sweet Potato treats like Sam’s Yams with USA grown Sweet Potatoes packed with nutrients! You can also try some of the Honest Kitchen’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Goat Milk as a nice warm and nourishing topper. In addition to pumpkin, it also contains ingredients such as cinnamon and ginger. Primal Bone Broths are also excellent toppers for your dog or cat, which are great for providing warmth.

You and your furbaby might want to be outside more often with Fall right around the corner. Just like we need to keep ourselves hydrated while exercising outdoors (jogging, running, etc.) we also need to keep our pets hydrated and safe too.

At Natural Pawz we have everything to make sure outside time stays healthy and fun with providing products from Travel Water Bottles and Bowls to safety lights that can be attached to collars. Don`t forget about Flea & Tick prevention! Our Natural Chemistry and Alzoo options are great to use because they are safe, holistic and effective!

Stop by your Local Natural Pawz today to learn more from our Pawztastic Nutritional Consultants!


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