Tipz & Trickz for Fleaz & Tickz!

Written by: Ashley
(Natural Pawz Manager – Woodway)

Natural Pawz encourages lots of outside play for both you and your furkid. It is a great way to burn off extra energy your pet might have and it is also an excellent time to bond. Outside play is good for staying active and keeping healthy habits alive, but what happens when uninvited visitors join the party?

Fleas and Ticks can be big time party poopers and as pet parents we never want to see our furbabies in discomfort. But, taking measures early can help prevent flea and tick problems and Natural Pawz carries various products to help achieve this. Read on to learn how to keep playing outside fun and safe!

One solution Natural Pawz offers is Alzoo brand products. Alzoo Flea collars are not chemical based, all natural and safe for your pet, home and environment! With all natural active ingredients they assist in preventing fleas, ticks and mosquitoes while still being safe for your furiend! They also come in many sizes, so we can help you find the perfect fit too!

Another great product that is safe for your pet and family is Diatomaceous Earth. You can sprinkle this powder on your pet, on your furniture, out in the yard and even on anthills. Just keep in mind when using this powder on anthills it’s best to leave the hill itself alone. Ants will eat the powder and take it down the ant hole on their own. Natural Pawz also carries Natural Yard & Kennel Spray with no chemicals because we know some of your furkids like to roll around in the grass and maybe even eat it at times.

If your furkid already has a flea and tick problem De Flea is great for bedding and your pets. It is also safe for all life stages! Also, keep in mind that it is beneficial to use soothing shampoos & conditioners to provide some relief.

We hope you enjoy lots of Fun in the Sun this summer and don’t forget that Natural Pawz has fun, outside toys like Starmark and WestPaw that your furbabies will love! We also carry toy brands that float! Pawz Splash Party anyone?!

The Pawz Team hopes to see you at your local Natural Pawz shop soon!


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