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Our Philosophy

We personally hand-select, research, and test all of our products in-house. Our philosophy is that what an animal eats (the quality of nutrients, along with proper supplementation) is the foundation of their health. By reducing over-processed ingredients from their diet, we have seen miraculous changes take place in the lives of thousands of pets across Texas.

What to Expect

When you walk into any of our Natural Pawz locations, you can expect to find all-natural foods, toys, accessories,  and supplements. We recommend you bring your beloved companion for some free treats, and we also recommend speaking to our friendly staff. They will make sure you walk out with the best and most nutritional items that are perfectly selected for your pet’s needs.

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It All Starts with Food.

The power of a proper diet

When we eat well, we feel well. And the same goes for our pets. Itching, scratching, appetite woes, upset tummies and more, can all be linked to problems with food. Switching away from highly processed pet food to minimally processed, vibrant whole foods from Natural Pawz may be just what the doctor — or veterinarian — ordered.